1. General rules

  1. These regulations state the rights and duties of the attendees of Gdakon 2024 convention, which takes place from 28.02.2024 to 03.03.2024.
  2. Gdakon 2024 is organized by Mr. Paweł Butyliński, President of Cogitavi Foundation (FUNDACJA COGITAVI), registered with the National Council of the Judiciary under KRS: 0000520250 (with headquarters at: Plac Solny 14/3, 50-062 Wrocław, NIP: 599-31-71-725, REGON: 081235160), further referred to as the Organizer.
  3. Every attendee of the Gdakon 2024 convention (further referred to as Gdakon) organized by Mr. Paweł Butyliński is obliged to read the regulations.
  4. By registering on the convention website, the attendees acknowledge that they have read these regulations, accept them, and are committed to comply with them during the duration of the convention. 
  5. As Gdakon takes place at "NOVOTEL MARINA" hotel in Gdańsk, all attendees are required to comply with the hotel regulations.
  6. Both Gdakon and the hotel regulations will be available during the convention at the hotel entrance as well as in electronic form on the event’s website.
  7. Any person acting in violation of the event or hotel regulations may be removed from the convention without the right to any refunds or reimbursements.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to a final interpretation of these regulations. 
  9. These regulations are available in Polish and English language versions. In case of any inconsistencies, the Polish version takes precedence.
  10. In matters not mentioned in the regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall be applied. 


2. Registration, payments and refunds

  1. Attendees are required to give their personal data: first name, last name, date of birth, and a current e-mail address. Those details are necessary for the convention organization and will be available only for the Organizer - they may be used only to prepare the convention related documentation and for anonymous statistical data, nothing else (for example, marketing).
  2. Every attendee is required to purchase a ticket to Gdakon. This purchase is possible through the event’s website:
  3. Tickets to Gdakon are sold in the VAT format using two methods:
    1. In the registration system – the account registered by the attendee has a registered ticket purchase,
    2. In electronic form – via an e-mail confirmation.
  4. To purchase a ticket, the attendee needs to follow these steps:
    1. login or register on the website,
    2. choice of the type of ticket and providing data for the invoice,
    3. payment.
  5. Accepting the regulations of Gdakon 2024 is necessary to complete the registration. In case of purchasing the ticket for someone else, the purchaser is obliged to inform the attendee/s of the contents of these regulations.
  6. If the purchaser has marked the ‘Invoice option’ field and entered the necessary data (Tax Number, country, company name, and full address), the invoice will be issued automatically within 48 hours from the moment payment is registered. It will be available for download in the user profile on the website. Modification of the invoice data is not possible after placing the order. In case of any errors please contact the Organizer via the contact form found here  or the email address
  7. Handling of credit card and wire transfer payments is handled via
  8. The ticket to Gdakon is a digital document.
  9. The purchaser has no possibility of order cancellation, in accordance with article 38 (12) of the 30th May 2014 act on consumer rights.
  10. Within 48 hours from the moment the payment is registered, the purchased ticket will be sent to the purchaser via email and made available for download on the website.
  11. The attendee is obliged to protect the digital ticket from any attempts of copying or scanning.
  12. After receiving the ticket, the attendee is obliged to check whether the data on the ticket is identical to the data given during the registration.
  13. Any discrepancies in the data mentioned above need to be made known to the Organizer.
  14. Gdakon is a closed event and Organizer has the right to deny attendance without explanation.
  15. All payments have to be made at least 14 days before the convention starts unless stated otherwise. In case of non-payment in due date time, the Organizer reserves the right to remove selected convention supplements, reservations at the hotel or to remove the attendee from the participants' list.
  16. The Organizer reserves the right to a 7 day period for preparing any documents required by the Polish Embassy for granting a visa to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  17. Choosing a hotel room is possible only via the convention’s website after purchase and payment for the ticket.
  18. If the option for a hotel stay is chosen, the attendee is obliged to pay the entirety of the cost of this stay to the hotel bank account, given in the user profile, within 14 days. In the case the payment is not registered, the reservation of the room will be canceled.
  19. The selected room can be changed by the Organizer if:
    1.  the room will be off-limits due to technical reasons,
    2.  the attendee did not pay the entirety of the required amount in the time period specified.


3. Attendance at the convention

  1. There are two types of confee:  
    1. allowing for an adult attendee to enter the convention site, without the ability to stay in a hotel for the night,
    2. allowing for an adult attendee to enter the convention site, with a stay in a hotel for the night.
  2. In every other case, the rights and duties remain the same no matter the confee type, unless rules from 3 and 4 apply.
  3. Only persons fully vaccinated, healthy, and without any symptoms of infectious disease may attend Gdakon. The attendee will be required to present to the Organizers the EU COVID Vaccination Certificate not later, than on the first day of the event. If the attendee comes from a country that does not issue EU COVID Vaccination Certificate, then the attendee is required to present other official Vaccination Certificate issued by officials of the country of the attendee's origin. Otherwise, if the hotel approves and the current law on the day of the beginning of the convention allows it, persons who on the first day of the event present a negative COVID test result issued no earlier than 12 hours before the start of the event may be allowed to attend.
  4. Excluded from attendance are:
    1. sick persons,
    2. persons under quarantine or isolation at home, or who live with a person under quarantine or isolation.
  5. The attendees agree to be filmed and recorded by the convention Organizers, and for their image to be used in the photo archive or promotional materials.


4. Badges

  1. Only persons with Gdakon badge issued by the Organizers and the hotel staff are allowed within the convention area.  
  2. Badges are used for quick attendee identification and to not allow unauthorized persons to participate in the convention. They serve both organizational and security purposes, therefore they should be clearly visible at all times.  
  3. The badge contains information of a confee type acquired by the attendee and the information stated in article III (3) of these regulations.
  4. Persons without badges will be escorted to the exit by security.  
  5. Your avatar image to be placed on the badge must not contain anything obscene, commonly considered offensive, or vulgar. If you're unsure if your avatar fits this requirement, feel free to contact Organizers for clarification.


5. Procedural matters

  1. The organizer doesn't take responsibility for things left without care or lost, nor for the cars left on the parking lot near the venue. Any liability (including financial) is on the parties responsible for the damage. 
  2. It is strictly forbidden to bring the following things to Gdakon:  
    1.  weapons within the meaning of Law on Weapons and Ammunition,
    2.  pneumatic weapons (ASG, paintball),
    3.  ammunition for aforementioned weapons,
    4.  flags, medals, and other symbols tied to the nazi ideology,
    5.  white weapons (with the exception of knives and so-called "LARP safe weapons").
  3. The items listed in the previous section can be brought to the convention only if the organizer allows them and if they are necessary for a convention event.  
  4. Gdakon attendees are required to maintain cleanliness and order in the convention venue and the nearby area.  
  5. Alcohol consumption is allowed only within areas designated by the Organizer.  
  6. Smoking is allowed only within designated areas.  
  7. Using, possession, and distribution of drugs or other similar things are strictly forbidden.  
  8. Persons under the effects of alcohol or drugs may be removed from the convention by the organizer or the hotel staff.  
  9. Every Gdakon participant is expected to behave according to the widely understood rules of appropriate conduct.
  10. The attendees are obliged to respect the decisions of and cooperate with the organizer and the hotel staff. 
  11. Every Gdakon attendee staying at the convention hotel is required to let their room be checked by the Organizer before they leave. We also ask you to leave your room in reasonably good condition.  
  12. Any kind of inflatable toys and accessories are prohibited in hotel's pool area.
  13. The punishment for non-compliance with the regulations are:  
    1. verbal warning,
    2. removal from the event without a refund,
    3. In cases where the law is broken, the organizer will inform the appropriate authorities.


6. Security team

  1. For the duration of the convention, the Organizer will appoint a Security Team.  
  2. The Organizer chooses the team members, their tasks and provides necessary equipment.  
  3. Security Team is led by the Organizer or someone else designated by them.  
  4. The main task of the Security Team is to provide security where there is an organized group of convention attendees within the event area. Neither the Organizer nor the Security Team takes the responsibility for the security of those who are outside of the convention area.  


7. Participation in convention events/media relations

  1. Those having "Organizator" or "Współpraca" statuses, who actively participate in the convention organization, are excluded from the competitions they organize.  
  2. The Organizer is not obliged to provide alternate means of transportation to where the convention event takes place if someone is late for the bus.
  3. Attendees are not allowed to talk to the media about the convention without the prior consent of the Organizer.
  4. All advertising materials not approved by the Organizer will be removed from the convention along with persons distributing them.


8. Complaints

  1. Complaints shall be processed by the COGITAVI Foundation.
  2. Complaints can be brought forward no later than 30 days after the end date of the event.
  3. Attendees may put forward complaints if they believe that:
    1. the services provided by the COGITAVI Foundation during the Gdakon 2024 convention were not provided in accordance with these Regulations,
    2. the services provided by the COGITAVI Foundation during the Gdakon 2024 convention were of poor quality,
    3. the services provided by the COGITAVI Foundation during the Gdakon 2024 convention infringed on the Attendee’s rights.
  4. Complaints can be made via e-mail:
  5. A valid complaint should contain:
  • name and surname of the attendee,
  • the e-mail address provided at registration,
  • the attendee’s ID number generated during registration,
  • reason for the complaint,
  • if possible, proof confirming the validity of the complaint.
  1. The complaint shall be processed by the COGITAVI Foundation without delay, no later than 30 days from the date a valid complaint was received.
  2. Response shall be sent to the e-mail address given in the complaint.
  3. If the complaint is deemed legitimate, the attendee will be able to choose from two options:
    1. transferring the ticket/accreditation to the next edition of the Gdakon convention,
    2. full or partial refund for the ticket/accreditation
  4. An Attendee who is a Consumer has the possibility of availing of the following out-of- court methods of settling complaints and pursuing claims. The platform that serves as a contact point for extrajudicial resolutions of disputes concerning contractual obligations, arising from online services agreements made between consumers residing in the European Union and entrepreneurs with their registered seats in the EU is ODR (Online Dispute Resolution). It is available at the following address: